Australia post is the Australia’s one of the most reliable and affordable postal service provided by the Australian government. Besides, it also provides travel, retail and financial services. It was founded on 25 April 1809. Its base location is in Melbourne, Australia. You can use Australia post to parcels your items to your relatives, and you can even track it by using its mail service. Just go to the for more detail about this company. If you want to create an Australia post login mail account, then here are the steps you should follow:

How to create Australia Post Login mail account

  1. First, go the address of Auspost as mentioned above.
  2. Then, there is sign in on the top right side. Click on it.
    Australia Post homepage

    Australia Post homepage

  3. You have to choose between personal and business account you want to create.
    australia post login personal business

    australia post login personal business

  4. A login page will open as shown in a figure.
    australia post login

    australia post login

  5. Click on the sign-up which is on the top right corner. You can also click on the sign-up which is below the sign in.
  6. Or you can also go directly to this address by clicking here
  7. Sign up page will open.
    australia post sign up

    australia post sign up

  8. Enter your First name.
  9. Enter your Last name.
  10. Enter your email address.
  11. Enter the password you want to keep for this account.
  12. Check the box to accept the terms and rule of the company.
  13. Finally, click on the Signup.
  14. You will receive the activation link in your mail address.
    australia post accept terms
  15. Go to your mail address and click on the link to activate your account.
  16. Now, your account is created and you can use it.

How to Australia Post Login

After you have sign up your account, you have to log in it. You can also login if you are already a registered user.

  1. Just follow the steps up to 5 as above.
  2. You will be on the login page.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click on the login.
  6. Your account will get logged in.
  7. If your account is not logged in, then you may have entered the wrong password. Please check your password.

Australia Post Login Password recover

If you have forgotten your password, then you can recover it my resetting it. For this, you should first go to the login page as described above. Then, Click on the Forgot password? Which is beside the login. Then, a password recovery page will open in another web page.australia post my account reset password

You have to enter your email address. Please remember that your email address should be the one you have registered in the registration process. After entering your email address Click Continue. Now, you will receive the password reset link in your email. Check your email and click on the password reset link and follow the remaining instructions carefully to get your password reset. Remember to keep your new password a good one to remember for you. Then, after resetting your password, you can login your account with your new password. Your new password may take some time to activate. So, login after few minutes of rest.