is a website that offers care services. The website started it’s service for the public from January 24, 2014. However, the website was launched in May 2007. The website is offering housekeeping, pet care, tutoring, special needs care, child care, senior care etc. In a short period of time, the enterprise has been able to raise huge amount of venture funding. The website has tremendous amount of 6.4 millions unique visitors a month. The website records a job posting in every 30 seconds.

With the help of this website, users can search and post jobs. Users can also find a caregiver and browse through the caregiver’s profile for free. It’s one of the leading service provider in the care industry. The website is dedicated in quality services for both care giver and care finder. It has also been able to establish itself as a premium employee benefit for above 150 companies and organizations.

While joining the website, you have option either to register as a care giver or as an individual looking forward to browse through the care services. So, if you have already been using the and you don’t want to use the service any more, you can close your account. It’s always better to delete your accounts if you aren’t using the services.

Close Account

How To Close Account?

Step 1 – Browse and Log In

In order to close your account, first step would be browsing through account. For that, Go to Further, you shall notice Log In button at the top of the website. Enter your email ID and password you used to register in

Step 2 – My > My Account & Settings

After you log in, you shall be able to access the services provided. At the top right of the website, you shall find a menu My Selecting the menu will open sub-menus. You will need to click on My Account & Settings.

Step 3 – Membership Information

Clicking on My Account & Settings will lead you to the page which contains your membership information. There, you shall find your detail profile. You will see information like the date when you were registered, your membership plan and many more. Simply, scroll down to section Membership Information. You shall notice a link there stating Close Account. Click on the link.

Step 4 – No Thanks, Cancel My Membership

Further, you shall land on confirmation page. The page will help you change your email preferences. In order to confirm the closure of the account, you will have to click on the radio button that says No thanks, cancel my membership. You will also find a drop down menu where you will have to select a reason why you are deciding to close your account. After marking on the radio button and selecting the reason, click on Continue button.

After you confirm to close your account, a page shall appear that will notify you that your account has been successfully closed. You will also be logged out from your account automatically. However, you will have to make sure that you want to close your account because it is once closed cannot be re-opened.

By following the easy steps as suggested above, you shall be able to close your account easily.