Corrlinks provides an email service generally for the people who are in prison to communicate with their family. It operates this service through Trust Fun Limited Inmate Computer system. It is used by United Sate Federal Bureau of Prisons. All the incoming and outgoing messages through this email service are monitored. This service is provided to only prisoners who are not related to the computer-based crime. You need to pay some fee to use this service, but it is free for those who are outside. You are allowed for only 13000 characters at a time, and any attachments are prohibited. Only those who have their relatives in prison can get Corrlinks login access to this service.

How to Access Corrlinks Login service

Let us look at the process how to get access to Corrlinks email service.

  1. To use Corrlinks email service, you must be a registered user.
  2. First, go to the address This link will open a login page.
    corrlinks login new users

    corrlinks login new users

  3. In a midsection, there is a Register below New user. Click the link, Register.
  4. Sign up page will open as shown below:
    corrlinks login sign up

    corrlinks login sign up

  5. Enter your First name, Last name, email & password and identification code.
  6. For identification code, first you need to provide your email address to the Bureau of Prisons, and then they will forward you the invitation link with an identification code of your inmate.
  7. Check the box I am over 18 and click continue.
  8. Your Corrlinks email account has been created. Now you can use it to send and receive an email from your inmates.


How to Corrlinks Login

  1. Go the login address of the Corrlinks as given above.
  2. There is login section on the left side.
    corrlinks email login

    corrlinks email login

  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. Click to Login.
  5. Your account gets logged in now.

 Corrlinks Login problems

If you are having a problem on logging in your account, then one of the best methods is to reset your password. However, always check your email address and password first.

  1. To reset your password, you need to be on the login page.
  2. Go to the login page described above.
  3. Click on Forgot your password in between the password and login.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter the code seen in the box as shown in a figure.
    corrlinks login password recover

    corrlinks login password recover

  6. If you can’t identify the code, you can refresh it, or you can hear a word. For a sound, click the sound button available there.
  7. Then, Click Next.
  8. Now, you will receive an email notification in your recovery mail. You will be provided reset link.
  9. So, open up your recovery mail and click the link.
  10. Follow the instruction of link where you have to provide your new password.
  11. Verify it.
  12. Finally, your password is reset.
  13. Now, login to your email with your new password

If you have any queries then, you can contact us. We will try our best to resolve your problem related to Corrlinks email service. For more details, visit the Federal of Bureau.