CQU stands for the Central Queensland University of Australia situated in Queensland. It was founded in 1967 in Rockhampton. Initially, it was named as Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) and later in 1992; it was given authorised as Full University. Currently, it has more than 25 campuses under its affiliation spread all over the Australia major cities like Brisbane, Adelaide, Emerald, Melbourne, Noosa, Sydney, Perth, Rockhampton, etc. After merged with CQ TAFE in 2014, it has been the Australia’s first dual sector comprehensive University. It has been providing more than 300 educations and training including short courses, undergraduate course, Graduate course, a Research degree in the various sectors like Accounting, Law, Engineering, Health, IT, Psychology, Sociology, Humanities and much more. Students of the CQU has CQU login which can have access to the CQU mail account. If you have already created an account the, you can directly log into it and have access.

How to login to CQU account?

  1. Go to the login web address of the CQU. Its login web address is https://identity.cqu.edu.au.
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click on the Login.
  5. Your account should get logged in.
    cqu login

    cqu login

CQU Login problems and how to cope with it

If you are having a problem in logging your account, then, you can just try out the following solutions:

Check your username

If you want to check your username, then just click on What is my username? In the login page. Then, you will get the information regarding your username as shown in the figure below.

cqu login username

cqu login username

Check your default password

If you are the new student then, you will have to use your default password. To check your default password, click on the What is my default password? You will get the information regarding it.

cqu login password

cqu login password

Forgot password?

If you have forgotten your password then, you can reset your password. For this, simply go to the login page and Click on Forgot password? Then in the section of I have forgotten my password, there are three options as shown in the figure. Choose the best option for you. You can go for answering the security question, or you can go for the SMS/email for the code if you are a student.

cquniversity login

cquniversity login help

If you choose to answer the security question, then, you have to respond to the question with the same answer you entered during the registration.

If you choose for the SMS, then, you have to enter your number, and they will send you the activation code.

If you choose for the email, then, enter your email address, and they will send you the code in your email address. Just go to your email and get the code. Remember that your email address should be the one you registered during sign up.

After you receive a code, you can reset your password by following the instructions they provide. You have to enter a new password. After that, simply log in with your Id and new password.

If you don’t have CQU ID then, you can create one if you are a new student or staff of the university. Generally, for the new students, their default username and password is as described in the figure above.