iFunny is one of the popular app which promises in providing daily dose of fun. This popular application is the product of the Russian company Okrujnost’. The application helps in sharing laughter and fun. The users try to appear as funny as they can. The more funny they appear, the more chances for them to get featured in the application. Users have found this app very helpful in spending time and engaging themselves for laughter purpose.

iFunny is highly appreciated and has received huge numbers of positive responses. Users find the app hilarious. They can spend time with funny posts. The application promises users that they will always find something to laugh at. They can even share with friends on iFunny. In the application, you can find memes, quotes, and pictures. Users can also create their own memes and make the pictures funny. The more likes the pictures receive, the more chances for them to get features.

The latest app comes with many added functionalities too. You are able to Downvote “liked” comments and photos. Similarly, you can also add vines, delete comments and browse old featured videos and photos. The application has a Smiley as logo. Since the launch, the application has experienced 4 variations of smileys. The latest logo was released in 2014 and is in use till the present days.

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The application experiences daily traffic of 2 millions. David Chef runs iFunny himself. He is commonly known as Chef. This application loaded with fun and laughter has variant users. There are different types of accounts. Some of the accounts are Neutrals, Fandomers, Offensive, Spammers and Post-offensives. There are different groups too. Anti Brony Brotherhood (ABB), Fandoms United, Bait Profiles, Dank Memers, Flonch, Otaku, Emo Accounts, Furries, Bronies, DDLG/MDLB are most popular groups in iFunny.

However, if you want to use iFunny account no more, you might want to delete the account.

How to Delete an iFunny Account?

iFunny doesn’t support account removal option via settings. You will need to write an email to the customer support requesting for the account removal. You don’t even need to do that. By simply uninstalling the application, you can delete or stop using iFunny.

We even had short email exchange with customer support. They responded that they are looking further to add the feature. The current versions don’t support account deleting option.

Step 1: Remove the application

You can remove the application from your smartphone. You can uninstall the iFunny app.

After uninstalling the application, you will stop receiving notifications and messages.

Lots of mobile phones applications don’t support deleting options. You can simply uninstall the application to stop using. It will almost be like deleting the account.

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