GMX known as Global Mail Exchange is a free email service provided to the customers by GMX. You can access via webmail or POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. It was founded in 1997, and now it is available in four languages: German, English, Spanish and French. It is a subsidiary of United Internet. It has more than 11 million active users. Its data centre is in Lenexa, Kansas. You can create your GMX Mail account in or for GMX mail login wich allows unlimited email storage while only allows 1 GB of storage.

How to GMX Mail Login

  • Open the new web browser. Type the address and click Enter.
    gmx homepage

    gmx homepage

  • On the top right corner, click on the log in as shown in the figure above.
  • A drop down menu will open as shown in the figure.
    gmx mail login

    gmx mail login

  • Now, Enter your email address.
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the login.
  • Your account will get logged in.

GMX Mail Login Problems

If you are unable to access your account, then, you simply click on can’t access your account in the log in page. You can see in the figure above. It will take you to the help centre page.

GMX mail login password reset

To reset your password, click on the Forgot your password? Now, provide your GMX mail address. Also, enter the verification code shown correctly. Click Continue. Now you will be sent your username to your recovery mail address. You may also have to answer some security question to confirm.

gmx mail login password reset

gmx mail login password reset

GMX mail login mail address reset

You can also recover your mail address. For this, enter your recovery mail address in the contact email address. Then, check the box I’m not a robot. And click on the Retrieve Email address to get your username in your recovery mail address. Check your mail address to get your username. login email recover login email recover

How to create GMX Mail Login

If you are a new user and you want to create a new GMX mail ID, then, here are the steps described below. You need to follow them step wise step.

  • First, go the homepage of the GMX as above.
  • Then, click on the Sign up which is at the top right corner just beside the login.
  • Now, sign up page will open as shown below in figure:
    gmx mail sign up

    gmx mail sign up

    gmx mail register

    gmx mail register

  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Enter your gender, date of birth, country and desired username mail address.
  • Enter your password.
  • Confirm your password by entering it again.
  • Enter your recovery email address.
  • Choose security question that you want from the options. It is better to choose which you can remember.
  • Enter the security answer wisely because it will be help for you to recover your username or password if you forgot them.
  • Now, you have to verify your registration by clicking on the box I’m not a robot.
  • Then, click on I accept. Create my account.
  • Your account will be ready now.
  • To get login, follow the steps described above.

You can also contact directly to the customer care centre for help or you can visit its official sites to get more information.