Imagefap is a famous porn site for the porn pics and gallery. It is very popular sites among the adult where one can get free porn pictures of all niches and fetishes, teens, amateurs, anal, shemales, Asian and gay. You can simply join the site by creating your id and enjoy the sites.

If you have finally decided to be far away from the imagefap and want to delete your account, then you are in the right place. Here we will help you to delete your imagefap account in a simpler way. Please read the following steps one by one and you will simply delete your account. First, you need to log in your account. Here how it is done.

How to delete an imagefap account?

It is very easy to delete your imagefap account. Just follow the given instructions one by one to delete your imagefap account.

  1. First, open a new web browser. You can use any browser like Chrome, Mozilla, torch or internet explorer.
  2. Enter the web address of imagefap. Its address is
  3. On the top right section, there is a sign in button. Press the button with your cursor.i1 1
  4. A login page will open as shown in the figure.i2 1
  5. Enter your correct username.
  6. Enter your correct password.
  7. Enter the code seen correctly.
  8. Click on Sign in.
  9. Check the box Remember me only if you are using your own personal computer.
  10. Your profile will open.
  11. On the top right corner, there is My fap. Click the button.i3 1
  12. A control panel page will open. On the left side, there is control panel menu.
  13. Click on a close account which is in between setting and History.i4 1
  14. Now, you need to enter your password to proceed for deleting your account.i5 1
  15. Enter your password and Click on the Close account.
  16. A question will be asked if you really want to close your account as shown in the figure. Click OK to delete your account.i6 1
  17. Now, your account is closed successfully.i7 1
  18. Remember that if you want to reactivate your account then, you have to contact at [email protected]
  19. Once you close your account, all the information and data associated with your account will be hidden.

If you have signed up your imagefap account by third party logins like Facebook, Gmail orTwitterr, then you have to get out of it before you delete your account. For this, you need to visit the specific page of the website you have been using for logging your account. In that page, you have to check the list of connected services. If you find the service or apps you no longer use, then you have to revoke its access to your account with a click.