How to delete your Badoo account?

If you really want to delete your Badoo account, then here are the simple and quick methods to delete your account. Just follow the steps given below one by one.

  1. First, open your new web browser.
  2. Enter the web address in your address bar and click Enter button.
  3. Badoo homepage will open as shown in the figure.b3
  4. To delete your account, you must first sign in your account.
  5. For this, click on sign in which is at the top right corner of the page as shown above.
  6. Then, your sign in page will open as shown in the figure below:b4
  7. Enter your email or phone number that you are using as your username.
  8. Enter your password.
  9. Then, click on sign me in to log in your account.
  10. Once you are logged in your account, click on the cog iconon your profile page.
  11. Now, scroll down the page until you can see Delete Account.
  12. Click on Delete account and follow the remaining instructions carefully to delete your account.
  13. You need to enter your password to confirm for deleting your account. If you have forgotten your account, you can restore it.
  14. Once you confirm for deleting your account, you will receive an email confirmation that says that your account has been deleted.

If you want to restore your account, then you have to find this confirmation email and click the link to restore it. But remember that this confirmation email is valid only for 30 days. So, if you cross more than 30 days, your account will be deleted forever. You can’t restore it. You just have to create a new account to use it services.