Twitter is one of the famous social networking sites where one can post their views and interact with the world. It is one of the best platforms to meet the global people. One can join the Twitter just by filling up the sign-up form. It is free of cost.

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But in this article, we are neither going to discuss Twitter nor about how to sign up its account. This article is for those users or members who want to delete their twitter account permanently. Those who really want to leave the Twitter to find this article valuable to them. So, if you have made a decision to leave the Twitter, here is the step how it is done:

How to delete your Twitter account?

Remember that you can’t directly delete your Twitter account. However, there is an option for deactivation which will queue your account for deletion. Also, remember that you cannot deactivate your twitter account from the mobile app. You must use a web browser from your computer. You can use any web browser you are familiar with.

Before deactivating your account, please read the following information carefully.

  • You can retrieve your data within 30 days from the date of deactivation.  After that, your account will be processed for deletion. It can take up to a week but if there are a separate talk and arrangement between you and Twitter to extend your deactivation period, it may take longer time.
  • You can easily reactivate your account within 30 days of the deactivation period. Remember that you should not exit 30 days.
  • If you want to change your username or email address, remember that you do not need to deactivate your account. Simply, you can change it by going on account setting any time.
  • If you want to use your username or email address on another account, then, you must first change them and confirm the change prior to deactivation.
  • Remember that there is no control over any content available by search engines like Google or Bing.
  • After deactivating your account, your account should be removed within a few minutes; however, some content may be viewable for a few days.

Here are the steps you should follow to deactivate your Twitter account:

  1. First, open a new web browser you are using. You can use any web browser you are familiar with.
  2. Enter the web address in the address bar.
  3. Now, it will open a twitter homepage.
  4. Frist, you must sign in your Twitter account to proceed for deleting your account.t2 1
  5. Enter your username first,
  6. Enter your password.
  7. Click on Sign in to open your account.
  8. Now, go to your account setting.
  9. Then, click on Deactivate my account which is at the bottom of the page.
  10. Read the account deactivation information. Click Okay, fine, deactivate the account.
  11. Now, you need to enter your password to confirm.
  12. Enter your password if you really want to delete your account.
  13. Then, verify that you want to delete your account.
  14. Finally, your account will be deactivated and queued for deletion.