On October 12, 2011, Apple launched its cloud storage and computing service through iCloud. Now, it has more than 782 million users. icloud is a storage medium where the users can store data like documents, videos, photos, music, apps and they can share, send to other users as well. It has also been helpful to the users in case their devices are lost or stolen. Icloud email login is a free email service. Apple users can synchronise with their iCloud account and save their data. They can also retrieve them back when needed.

How to Login iCloud Email

Let us login to the iCloud account. Following steps will help you to get access to your account. It also allows you for safe iCloud email login.

  • Open a new web browser and enter the address https://www.icloud.com. It will open the login page of the iCloud as shown below:
    iCloud email login

    iCloud email login

  • Enter your Apple Id.
  • Enter your password.
  • Check the box keep me signed in only if you are using your personal computer.
  • Now, click Enter or you can also click the arrow button near the password.
  • If your Apple ID and password are correct, then, your account will get signed in.

How to Recover password iCloud Email Login

If you have forgotten your Apple ID or password, then, you can recover iCloud email login password. Here are the simple steps you can follow to retrieve them.

  • Click on the Forgot Apple ID or Password. This is on the login page just below the check box. You can refer to above figure.
  • A recovery page as shown below will open.
    iCloud email login Apple ID

    iCloud email login Apple ID

  • Enter your email address.
  • Type the characters shown in the image correctly.
  • If you can’t understand the code, you can get the new one just by clicking on new code.
  • You can also hear a sound if you have a problem in seeing.
  • Then, Click Continue.
  • Now, you have to choose between get an email or security question to reset your password.
  • If you choose to get an email, then, you will receive a password reset link to your mail ID.
  • If you choose a security question, then you have to answer the security question you have chosen during the registration.
  • Then, follow the remaining instructions carefully.
  • You need to enter your new password. So, chose your new password wisely and confirmed it.
  • Then, your password is reset.
  • Now, you can login to your account with your new password.


How to create Apple ID for iCloud Email Login

If you are an Apple user and you don’t have an Apple ID, then follow the steps given below to create your ID:

  • Go to the login page of Apple. You can just type the address given above.
  • Click on the Create yours now which is at the bottom of the page as seen on the login page as shown above.
    how to create apple id free

    how to create apple id free

    how to create apple id security question

    how to create free apple id

    how to create free apple id

  • Sign up page will open.
  • Enter the apple Id you want to create in the first section.
  • Enter the password you want to keep your apple Id and confirm it again by entering it again.
  • Enter your First name, Last name, Date of Birth.
  • Then, you need to choose two security questions. Choose them and answer wisely so that you can remember them. It is useful when you lost your password or ID to recover them.
  • Select your nation.
  • Type the characters shown in the image correctly.
  • Finally, Click
  • Now, your Apple account should be created.
  • Check your mail address to verify. You have to click on the link to verify your account.