Kaplan University provides distance learning services to the students. It provides a productive and exciting way to learn online by using high technology. This has been very helpful for the students since they are able to manage their time accordingly. You will get Kaplan University login account through which you can track your study progress, classroom, and assignments. If you haven’t created your account, then you need to create a new one. They also provide an office 365 account.

How to login your Kaplan University Login student account?

Students who want to enroll in the distance learning program of Kaplan university login must have login account. Without a login account, they can’t be able to get access to distance learning courses. If you have already enrolled by creating your account, then you just need to login your account.

  1. Open up a new web browser.
  2. Type the web address of the university and click enter. The web address is http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/ . You can also directly click on the link here.
  3. On the top right corner of the page, you can see student login button. Take your cursor to the button and click it.
Kaplan University

A login page will open.

Kaplan University Login
  1. Enter your username.
  2. Enter your password correctly. Remember that password is case sensitive.
  3. Now select from the option that you are student.
  4. Click log in button.
  5. If your username and password are matched, then your account will get logged in.

Kaplan University Login Forgot password recover

If your password is wrong, then you will not be able to login your kaplan university login account. If you have forgotten your password, then without getting back your password, there is no option to open your account.

However, there is one option and that is to reset your password. You will not get your original password but you can reset your password. To reset your password, click on the link Forgot password? This is the login page. Look at the figure shown above.

reset Kaplan University Login password

You need your email address that is registered at Kaplan University. Enter your Kaplan university email address. Click submit. Now you will receive an email notification. Check your email inbox and open the email.

Then, you will get a password reset link in your email. Click the link and follow the given instructions carefully to reset your password. After you reset your password, you can login with your new password. This time, you must get logged in to your account.

How to create your Kaplan account?

enroll Kaplan University Login

In order to get access to distance learning from Kaplan, you must create your own Kaplan university login account. To create your account, first, you must enroll. Please click the button Enroll now. This is on the homepage just below the student login button.

Click on the button Begin Application.

Kaplan University Login application

Now you have to fill the required details. Please read the instructions on kaplan university login first.

create Kaplan University Login account
Kaplan University Login guide
  1. Select your country.
  2. Select your state.
  3. Enter your first name.
  4. Enter your last name.
  5. Enter your phone number.
  6. Enter your email address twice to confirm.
  7. Answer the yes/no question.
  8. Enter your password for this account.
  9. Re-enter your password to verify.
  10. Finally, Click on the button Create to proceed for enrolment.
  11. Complete the remaining process carefully to create your account.