Okcupid is an online dating site launched in 2004. Besides dating, one can make lots of friends. It was listed in top 10 dating sites in 2007 by Time Magazines. Okcupid login has paid and free version. The paid version doesn’t get an advertisement in their profile. It was owned by IAC in 2011. It has more than 3 million active users. By using this sites, many users have found their dating partner and they even got married. So, if you are in search of right dating partner, check out the site.

OkCupid Login www.okcupid.com login sign in

You can sign in okcupid login account by opening the okcupid logging page. For this, you have to open up your web browser. You can use any browser you like. Enter the web address www.okcupid.com. On the top right corner, you can see sign in link as shown in the figure. Click on the link.


A sign in page will open. Enter your username or email address. Then, enter your password. Click on Let’s go. Your account will be signed in. Now you can manage your account or you can use it to search for the right dating partner. You can also sign in with your Facebook account. For this, click on sign in that has the Facebook logo.

okcupid login

When you forgot your password?

If you are having sign in problem due to your lost password, then there is an easy step to retrieve it back. For this, you have to click on Forgot your password which is just below the Let’s go. A password reset page will open.

okcupid reset password

Enter your email address or your username. Then, Click send. Then, you will receive an email notification. Go to your email and check your inbox. There you get a password reset link. Click on the password reset link. A new page will open. Then, you should follow the given instructions carefully to complete your password reset process. After you reset your password, you can login to your account with your new password.

How to open a new account?

If you haven’t already created your account, then here are the simple steps you have to go through.

It is very simple and consumes less time to create your account.

  1. Go to the homepage of cupid with the web address given above.
  2. On the homepage, you can see the section as shown in the figure below:

okcupid dating

  1. Select the correct options from the drop down menu and click on continue.
  2. Now a sign up page will open.
  3. You have two options for sign up.
  4. First option is that you can sign up by your facebook account. For this, Click on connect that has Facebook logo.

okcupid facebook sign up

  1. Second, you have to fill certain your details as shown in the figure:

okcupid sign up guide

  1. For this, enter your birth date.
  2. Enter your location.
  3. Enter your zipcode.
  4. Then, enter your email address.
  5. Click on next.
  6. Then, complete by filling some of your details.
  7. Follow the remaining procedures and your account will get logged in.