Roblox is a social gaming platform launched in 2006 by Roblox Corporation. In this platform, the user can generate their own virtual world and designs games. Multiple players can play the game online. It is available on PC, Mac, android, ios, Xbox and Oculus. Roblox game login will help the user to get every feature they want.

Roblox Game Login

  1. First, open up a new web browser.
  2. Then enter the address
  3. In the front page, you can see the login on the top right corner of the page.
  4. Click the link.
    roblox login
  5. A login page will open as shown in the figure.
    roblox game login

    roblox game login

  6. Enter your username first.
  7. Enter your password then.
  8. Your username and password must be correct to get logged in.
  9. After you entered your correct username and password, Click the login
  10. Your account will get logged in.
  11. You can also log in your account through your facebook account. For this, click the button Sign in with facebook.

Roblox game login problem

Don’t know your password?

If you have forgotten your password, then one of the best methods to recover your password is to reset your password. You can’t get your original password but you can reset it. To reset your password, click on the link Forgot password?

roblox game login forgot password

roblox game login forgot password

Now first read the instructions in the red font carefully. If you have forgotten your password, then you have to enter your username to reset your password.

If you have forgotten your username, you have to enter your email address. Then, click on Submit button. Now you will receive an email in your inbox. Check your inbox and open the email. There you will be given detail information on how to reset your password and how to recover your username.

After you reset your password, you can log in to your account with your new password. Your new password may take sometimes to get activated.

How to create a new account?

It is a very easy task to create a new account in Roblox. You just need to fill some information and your account is created. To create your Roblox account, first, open the homepage of the Roblox by the web address given above. Then, on the top right corner left to Log in, there is Sign up. Click the signup button. A signup page will open as shown in the figure.

roblox game sign up

roblox game sign up

  1. Enter your username Don’t use your real name.
  2. Enter the password for this username. Your password should be minimum 8 characters.
  3. Re-enter your password to confirm.
  4. Select your date of birth.
  5. Select your gender.
  6. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Click the button sign up.
  8. Congratulation, your Roblox account is created. Now you can play the games of your choices.

If you have any problems or query, then you can go to the Help section to get more information about your problems. For this, scroll down the homepage till you reach a bottom of the page, then click on HELP.