Speed test is internet speed measurement tool developed by Ookla. Speed test login is the most trusted and dominant global leader in the internet testing and performance. It has billions of active users. It is available in ios, android, macos, windows, Apple TV and google chrome. If you want to use it, just download from your stores. You can create your own account as well. If you have already created your account, then here are the steps how it is logged in:

How to Speed test Login

  1. First upon the new web browser.
  2. Enter the web address http://www.speedtest.net/ and a homepage will open as shown in the figure.speed test beta
  3. On the top right corner, there is Log in. click the button.
  4. A drop down menu will open.speed test login
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. Enter your password.
  7. If you are with your personal computer, check the box remember If you are using public computer, then don’t check the box due to security reason.
  8. After entering both email address and password, click on
  9. Your account will get logged in.
  10. While entering your email address and password, enter it correctly to get logged in at the first attempt.

Speed Test Login problems

Generally, when you enter your wrong password, you will not be able to log in your account. If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot password of the login page. This is at the bottom of the login.

A password reset page will open. Enter your email address and click reset password. Remember to enter the email address that is registered. After that you will receive an email notification. Go to your email inbox and check the email. You will receive the password reset link. Click the link. A new page will open. Now, follow the remaining steps carefully as said to reset your password. After you reset your password, you can login to your account with your new password. To login, go to the login page. Your new password may take time to get activated. So, wait for some minutes after you reset your password.

Register a new speed test login account

To register a new speed test login account, go to the login page by click on login which at the top right of the homepage. Then click on Register.  A registration page will open as shown in the figure below:speet test login account

speed test registerEnter your email address. This will be your login mail address. Re-enter your email address to confirm it. Now choose your password for your username. Re-enter it again to confirm it. Type the code seen in the image. If you can’t understand the code, you can refresh it and get a new one. If you have eyesight problem and you can’t see the code problem, then you can hear the code too. For this, click on the sound icon. Then, you will hear the code. Listen it carefully and enter the code. Click on Register to create your account. After that, follow the remaining steps carefully to complete your registration process.