Text now login is for message and call. You can send free message and free call with this text now login guide.

Text Now Sign up

If you want to open a new text now account to use its services free than, here are the simple steps you should follow:

  1. First, open a new web browser.
  2. Enter the web address textnow.com .
  3. Now, to create your new account, click on Sign up. This is on the top right corner of the page.textnow.com signup
  4. A sign up page will open.text now sign up
  5. Enter your First name.
  6. Enter your last name.
  7. Enter your username. You can pick any username you are capable of remembering.
  8. Enter the password for your username.
  9. Enter your email address. You should enter your email address you are using currently. This email address is helpful to recover your lost username and password.
  10. Check the box I’m not a robot.
  11. Click on sign up.
  12. Enter your area code to get your free phone number. Click continue.
  13. Congratulations, your account is created. Now, you can connect with your friends and text & call them free.
  14. Remember that creating a text now account is completely free.

You can also sign up with your facebook account. For this, just click on the button sign up with facebook.text now facebook

Text Now Login www.textnow.com login

After you create your account, you have to sign in to get access to its services. It is an easy task to sign in your account. For this, go to the homepage of textnow. Then, click on Login button which is at the top right corner of the page just left to sign up.text now login sign in

A login page will open. Enter your email address. Enter your corresponding password. Check the box remember me only when you are using your personal computer. You don’t need to check if you are using the public one due to security reason. After that, click the login button. Your account will get login and you can manage your account.

Text Now login problems

If you are having trouble in sign in, then this might be due to the wrong username and password. So, check you username and password first. They must be correct one and match to each other to login your account. If they are correct, then you should check your internet connection because sometime your internet connection might be the problem for your log in.

If the solutions given above didn’t solve your problem, then one of the best method is to reset your password. For this, click on the Forgot username or password? this is in the login page. Go to your login page and click the link. For login page, follow the steps given above.text now login problem

Now enter your email address and click on submit. You will receive an email notification. Go to your email inbox and click on the email. Then, click on the password reset link.  A new page will open. Then, follow the remaining instruction carefully to reset your password. After you reset your password, you can login by your new password to get login to account. Your new password may take some minute to get activated. So, try to login your account only after some minutes of password reset.