Uber is online Transportation Network Company. Its main headquarter is in San Francisco, California. It has been operating Australia and many other countries too. Through Uber, you can request a car transportation or food delivery. For this, you have to install Uber application in your mobile, and you have to Uber login from mobile, desktop or tablet. Then, you have to sign up an account and simply use the service. You will have two options. Either you can work as a driver in Uber, or you can ride a car for your transportation. For sign up, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, open a new web browser.
  2. Then, enter the address https://www.uber.com/
  3. A page will open as shown in the figure.
    uber sign up

    Uber sign-up

  4. If you want to be a driver, click on Become Driver.
  5. If you want to drive then click on the sign up to drive or ride with Uber.
  6. If you click on Sign up to ride, then a registration page will open where you have to fill up your details.
    create uber new account

    Create uber new account

    uber new account register

    uber new account register

  7. You also have to fill the payment details where you have to enter your credit card number.
  8. After that click on the Create Account.
  9. Your account is created.

How to Uber driver sign up

Similarly, you can directly sign up to drive in the first page as shown below:

Uber driver sign up

Uber driver sign up


  1. Enter your name, email address, phone, password, city and invite code(optional).
  2. Click on the sign up to drive.
  3. Your account is created now.
  4. To become the driver, Click Become driver.
  5. Then, you have to enter your details on the registration page.
    uber driver account

    Uber driver account

  6. After entering all the details, Click on submit to proceed.
  7. Your account will be created.


Uber login sign in How to sign in Uber account

To get log into the Uber account, go to the Uber page as above.

  1. There is sign in at the top in the right side.
  2. Click on the sign in.
  3. Now choose between driver or rider.
    uber sign in

    Uber sign in

  4. If you are rider Click on Rider sign in.
  5. Then enter your email address and password.
  6. Click Sign in, and your rider account is signed in.
    uber login

    Uber Login

  7. If you are a driver, then click on driver sign in.
  8. Enter your email and password correctly.
  9. Then, click on Sign in.
  10. Your driver account will sign in.

Uber login problems

Uber Forgot password recover

If you are not able to get into Uber login access to your account due to a lost password, then the best to recover your account is to reset your password. Here are the methods how to reset your password:

  1. First, go to the login page of your rider or driver log in page as above.
  2. There is Forgot password? Just below the sign in.
    uber login problems

    uber login problems

  3. Click it.
  4. Then you have to enter your email address in password reset page as shown in the figure below:
  5. After entering email address, click
  6. Then, follow the instructions carefully to reset your password.
  7. If you need any help then click on get help, as shown in the figure above.