University of Phoenix shortly known as UOPX is a profit oriented institution. It was established in 1976 and it’s headquartered is in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. It is offering more than 100 programs in associate, bachelor, master and doctorate level. One need to get school diploma to get enrol in the university through its open enrolment admission policy. It is totally owned by the Apollo Education Group Inc. University of Phoenix Student Login helps students to access its eCampus login.

University of Phoenix Student Login

Every student enrolled in the University of Phoenix has an access to an online account through which they can interact with their professor, staff and they can even get study tools, submit their tutorial. Here are the steps you should follow to University of Phoenix Student login your account:

  1. First, go to the University website through a new web browser.
  2. The web address of the University is
  3. On the top of the homepage, you can see student login. Click the link.
    university of phoenix login homepage
  4. A sign in page will open in new web.
  5. Enter your username.
    University of Phoenix Student Login
  6. Enter your password.
  7. Click on login.
  8. If your username and password are matched, your account will open, otherwise, it won’t.
  9. If you can’t get access to your account, it might be due to the wrong username or password. So, check them and enter correctly.

University of Phoenix Student Login problem Forgot username or password

When you have forgotten your username or password, then you will not be able to University of Phoenix Student Login in your account. But don’t worry. There is an option to get them back. To get your lost username or password back, click on the link Forgot username/password?

A recovery page will open.
university of phoenix login problem

Now, chose the options what you want to recover: your password, username or both.

To recover your username, select on I forgot my username. In a next page, choose the options you want to recover by. After entering all the details, click Continue and follow the rest instructions.
university of phoenix username recover

To recover your password, select on I forgot my password. Then, you will have options to choose to recover your password as shown in the figure. After choosing the option, click continue and follow the remaining instructions carefully to complete this process.
university of phoenix password recover

If you want to recover both username and password, select on I forgot my username and password. Then, choose the options you want to use and then complete the remaining steps carefully to recover them.
University of Phoenix Student Login password

After you recover your username and password, you can University of Phoenix Student login and can get access to your account.

Create new University of Phoenix Student Login

If you are a new student and you haven’t created any account, then you must sign up before you University of Phoenix Student login. Here are the simple steps you have to go through.

  1. First go to the login page. For this, follow the steps given above.
  2. Click on the link New to Campus? Sign up here.
  3. Please read this instruction carefully before you begin your sign up process.
    university of phoenix new login account
  4. For new students who haven’t created their any account can follow the steps given below:
    university of phoenix registration
  5. Enter your username. If you don’t know about your username, then read the information given.
  6. Enter your password.
  7. Re-enter your password.
  8. Select your date of Birth.
  9. Enter your email ID.
  10. Enter your IRN number.
  11. Finally, click the Register.