In order to weight watchers login to your weight watchers account, first, you must create your account. If you have already created your account, then you can directly login to your account however if you haven’t created it, then follow the given steps carefully to create your weight watchers account.

weight watchers login

  1. First, open a new web browser.
  2. Type the address and click enter.


  1. You will get into weight watcher homepage. In the mid-section, there is Get started. Click the button.
  2. Now, choose the plan you want to buy as shown in the figure.

weight watchers account

  1. If you choose online plus plan, then click on Continue to proceed forward.

weight watchers onlineplus

  1. Then, again there will be options for you to select. You can choose the best options.
  2. Click on Select This plan button to continue after you select your plan.

weight watchers plan

weight watchers select plan

  1. Now you have to fill certain information as required as shown in the figure below.

weight watchers sign up

  1. Enter your First name.
  2. Enter your Last name.
  3. Enter your username.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Check the box to approve the agreement and policy of the company.
  7. Click the button ADD payments details.

weight watchers payment

  1. Now choose the payment methods. You can pay from your credit card or paypal account.
  2. For credit card, you have to enter your credit card number and your credit card expiry date.
  3. Then, enter the billing address information.

weight watchers payment process

  1. Enter your First name.
  2. Enter your last name.
  3. Enter the name of your street.
  4. Enter the name of your city.
  5. Select your state and enter your ZIP code.
  6. Enter your phone number.
  7. Click on the review order button.
  8. Complete the review order section to sign up for your weight watcher online. After sign up. You can manage your account.

weight watchers login weight watchers Sign in

How to sign in your weight watcher account?

After you sign up your account, you can login your account. To login your account, open the homepage of weight watcher. On the top right corner, there is login button. Click the button.

weight watchers sign in

weight watchers sign in

A login page will open. Enter your username. Enter your password. Remember that passwords are case sensitive. So, enter your password carefully and correctly. Check the box stay logged in. Click on Log in button. Your account will logged in if your username and password are matched.

weight watchers login

weight watchers login

Problem in sign in?

Are you having problem in sign in? Are you worried about losing your account? Then, you don’t have to be worried so much because there is the way to recover your lost account. You can recover your username and password. To recover your username, click on Forgot username which is at the login page just below the log in button. Then, follow the remaining steps carefully to recover your lost username.

To recover your password, click on the link Forgot password which is just below the log in button in the log in page. Please refer to above figure. Then, a recovery page will open. Enter the detail required to reset your password. You need to enter your email address.