If you are using Xfinity internet service then, you might have a Xfinity router login through which your devices are connected to Xfinity internet. Have you ever tried to login your router? Have you ever changed your router password? If not then, here are the steps you should follow. Sometimes, you may need to change your password for which you have to login to your router. You may even need to set up a port for your projects and for that, you need to login to your router. So, follow these steps by steps procedure to get login to your Xfinity router.

Xfinity Router Login

  1. First, connect your computer to your router through Ethernet cable.
  2. If you have the wifi connection available, you can go for it.
  3. Now open up a new web browser. It can be from Google chrome, internet explorer or Mozilla firefox.
  4. Now, enter the IP address in the web browser. Remember your IP address differs by routers. So, check your router backside for the right IP address of your router.
  5. A router login page will load and open.
    xfinity router login
  6. Now you have to enter your username and password.
  7. For the first time user, enter the default username and password.
  8. The default username is an admin.
  9. The default password is password.
  10. Remember that username and password are case sensitive.
  11. Click on Login.
  12. You will get logged to your router.
  13. Now, you can change your router name, password, check the required details of internet connection, and activate port and so on.
  14. To change your password, just click on the Change password which is on the top right of the admin panel.

Xfinity router login problem

If you can’t get access to Xfinity router login, then that may be due to the wrong username and password. Remember if you have changed your username and password of your router earlier. Check if your Ethernet cable is properly connected between your computer and router. You can also check if there is a blink in the connection port. If all of these are correct, then you will get login to your router.

If you even cannot get access to your router then, check first by changing your Ethernet cable. If it even doesn’t work, then you can simply try by resetting your router. To rest your router, press the reset bottom for some couple of seconds. Then, your router will reset, and you can get a login to your router if you follow the above process step by step. If even the problem doesn’t solve, then you have to contact your dealer.

Xfinity router login tips

Remember to protect your wifi connection by a strong password. Otherwise, your network will be used by other unauthorised users. To protect your wifi, you can also limit the number of your user. By these methods, it will help to speed up your wifi and protect from an unauthorised user.